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DataBytes provides Digital, Applications (Desktop + Web + Android), Softwares, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing, Product Development, Corporate Training, and R&D related services across different Industries.

DataBytes works on different products like AI Based Chatbots, Career Counseling Platform, AI Based Hiring, Artificially Intelligent Teacher, Sentiment Classification and Prediction, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Semantic Search Engine, Information Search and Web Scrapping, Digit Recognizer, Skin Disease Prediction and Social (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) Data Mining.

Psychometric Testing

Career Counseling, Psychometric Testing, Right Job Choice, Recruiting Right Candidates

HR Analytics

Appraisal Analytics, Workforce planning, Business Growth, Employee Churn Prediction

AI Based Hiring

Resume Screening, Resume Scoring, Shortlisting, Selecting Right Candidates

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