Data Science Career Counselling

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Be Job ready in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

Are you looking for a job switch to Data Science field? Are you confident about your Data Science Skills? Is it the right time to enter Data Science? What role is best for you? Which company is best for you? What will be your Data Science Career Road-map? How do you need to grow? We have all these answers for you. Choose Data Science Career Counseling platform and make yourself job-ready in AI Era.

This package includes

  • Data Science Career Counselling
  • Building Resume and Profile based on jobs you are targeting.
  • Interview Preparation
  • Get to know where you can get job.
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Improve Communication Skills

* charged per session


What we will assist with:

  •  Assisting on Choosing The Right Career Path
  •  Guiding on Aligning Right Business Questions to Data Analytics Problems
  •  Creating or Modifying Resumes (for your Data Science Job need)
  •  Guide on the Road-map for Data Science Growth
  •  Assist on how you will shape your career path
  •  Assist on job switch to Data Science field
  •  Assist on Preparation for Data Science Interview (based on Job Description)
  •  Sharing Job contact details
  •  Assist on Improving Communication Skills
  •  Assist on Psychometric Counseling (if needed)

Who Should Attend?

Educational or Corporate Business Professionals who are looking forward to use Analytics Tools and Techniques to solve complex business problems such as credit scoring, customer churn prediction, propensity to claim insurance, demand prediction, forecasting, personalized recommendations, optimizing cost, rating,analysis, feedback/sentiment analysis and many more …

Benefits from this Course:

  •  Make yourself job-ready
  •  Know about latest trends in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
  •  Get an opportunity to work in our company
  •  Connect with Analytics Professionals
  •  Grow your communications skills
  •  Make smarter decisions

We wish you Best of Luck for a Great Career!

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