Advanced Data Science using R

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About This Course

Advanced Data Science using R is a course for the candidates who are interested to start their career in Data Science or students or experienced professionals from Statistics or related background having basic knowledge of R software. Our aim is to make the candidates start a smooth one by giving them practical aspects of Data Science and real life project works.

Course Prerequisites:

It is good to have knowledge on Basic Statistics, Mathematics, Economics and Basic programming skills to start the course.

What you will learn:

  •  Understand Applications of Statistics and Data Science
  •  Understand different Domains where Analytics can be applied
  •  Answer Complex Data Science Questions
  •  Choose the right Analytics Model for different business questions
  •  Extract the most meaningful results from large and small data sets and multiple data types
  •  Gain insights from Structured and Unstructured data
  •  Learn to code Advanced Analytics Methods in open sourced tools (R/Python)
  •  Learn how to improve Business Efficiency and Effectiveness

What we will cover in our Data Science Courses:

  •  Aligning Right Business Questions to Data Analytics Problems
  •  Working with Data
  •  Nature of Data
  •  Visual Representation
  •  Cleansing, Transforming and Shaping of Data
  •  Dimension Reduction Techniques
  •  Selecting the right Variables and KPIs
  •  Missing Data Handling and Methods of Imputation
  •  Methods of Estimation
  •  Classification Problems
  •  Regression Problems
  •  Unstructured Data Analysis

Who Should Attend?

Educational or Corporate Business Professionals who are looking forward to use Analytics Tools and Techniques to solve complex business problems such as credit scoring, customer churn prediction, propensity to claim insurance, demand prediction, forecasting, personalized recommendations, optimizing cost, rating,analysis, feedback/sentiment analysis and many more …

Benefits from this Course:

  •  Make yourself job-ready
  •  Know about latest trends in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
  •  Get an opportunity to work in our company
  •  Connect with Analytics Professionals
  •  Get job offers from other companies based on Training Completion Certificate
  •  Grow your communications skills
  •  Learn to automate Manual Processes and make them intelligent
  •  Make smarter decisions

Special Features:

  •  Practical sessions using R and/or Python
  •  Hands on with Real Life Business Problems
  •  Collaboration
  •  Job Assistance


We wish you Best of Luck for a Great Learning with us and grow as much as possible!


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₹30,000.00 ₹20,000.00

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